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AR NameCard Design

AR Augmented Reality  1) AR Business Card - Traditional business card can only carry  messages with words. The AR business card adopts a cellphone information transfer technology (e.g., audio, graphic, and video) to deliver the latest brand and product information to the customers instantly. (*We offer a complete AR solution tailored to each customer’s unique requirements, and help customers create an eye-catching virtual product.

The merit of Hiiibrand International Design Awards 2016

Graphic Design

Graphic Design – Redesign package, analyze market demand, improve marketing strategy, and refine designs to boost sales.                                   

Branding Design

Brand Maintenance – Design brand logo, analyze the effect of branding on customers, and provide analytical branding reports to customers with different social classes. 


Promotion Video

Our experienced and professional production team can provide you complete work with an instant quotation. We can also help you find a desirable photographer.

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